Balaton weather


Closed seasons start at 00.00 on their first day and last until 24.00 on their last day. If the first day is a Saturday, Sunday or a Hungarian public holiday, the closed season starts only on the next working day. If the last day is a Saturday, Sunday or a Hungarian public holiday, the closed season ends on the previous working day.

It means that the exact dates of the closed seasons can slightly vary from year to year!

Besides the size limitations according to the Hungarian regulations tench has been protected with an extra size limitation in Lake Balaton, Kis-Balaton and their incoming waters since 1st January 2012!

The maximum daily amount of tench and Volga pikeperch (protected with a size limitation) is 3 each in Lake Balaton!

Name of the fishClosed season Size limitation <
Brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario)1st October –  31st March22 cm
Pike (Esox lucius)1st February – 31st March45 cm
Asp (Aspius aspius)1st March – 27th April45 cm (one piece of asp can be kept per day)
Pike-perch (Sander lucioperca)1st March – 27th April35 cm
 Perch (Perca fluviatilis) 1st March – 27th April15 cm
Volga pikeperch (Sander volgensis)1st March – 30th June25 cm
Carp (Cyprinus carpio) 2nd May –  31st May35 cm, maximum size 70 cm
Barbel (Barbus barbus)16th April - 31st May40 cm
 Catfish (Silurus glanis) 2nd May - 15th June60 cm
Ide (Leuciscus idus)16th April – 31st May20 cm 
Common nase (Chondrostoma nasus)16th April – 31st May20 cm 
Vimba bream (Vimba vimba)16th April – 31st May20 cm 
Burbot (Lota lota)  -Not allowed to catch 
Kinife (Pelecus cultratus) 16th April – 31st May20 cm  
Tench (Tinca tinca) 2nd May - 15th June25 cm