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Rules of boilie fishing on Lake Balaton


Fishing rules of Balaton must be followed by person, who has bought a “általános éves területi jegyet” (here referred to as: general yearly local ticket) or a “behúzós heti területi jegyet” (here referred to as boilie fishing weekly local ticket or boilie fishing weekly ticket), furthermore he has to comply with the 23rd point of the above mentioned rules detailed hereinafter. Violence of this rule is observed as offending the fishing rules of Balaton and may conclude in withdrawal of your local ticket and banning you from the possibility to purchase local tickets. Our aim is to set clear rules and well-founded circumstances of boilie fishing, and above that to protect enormous carp, which possess unique natural value in a much more efficient way than previously. We also try to make an effort to prevent these huge carp from migrating and being merchandised. The aforementioned aims call for cooperation among the fishermen in this sector, thus a common ground has been built based on our discussions with them to establish the details of practicing this method.

Year 2015 will be respected as the probation year of these rules for boilie fishing on Lake Balaton. You are kindly asked to avoid confrontation with local fishermen, and thus be an example to reflect the fairness of boilie fishing.

1.General regulations

1.1.            The aim of boilie fishing is to catch, to measure, and to take a photo of harmless fish, then releasing them into the water in a humane way.

1.2.            By “behúzós horgászat” (here referred to as boilie fishing) we mean the method which enables the angler to deliver the rig into the water with the help of legal vehicles (e.g. boat, bait boat) or to take his rig into the water by swimming or walking without throwing any parts of it, then he’s allowed to wait for the bite on the shore or on the gang-board which is linked to the shore. Walking and throwing your rig into the water is not regarded as “behúzós horgászat” (boilie) fishing.

1.3.            An angler with a “behúzós jegy” (boilie fishing ticket) is to follow the rules of humane treatment in the case of each and every fish that is caught based on the above mentioned principles.

1.4.            It is possible to go boilie fishing in the following three cases:

1.4.1. Organizations (e.g. local governments, camp-sites), which possess or operate real estate on the shore are entitled to mark territories on their own shore for boilie fishing. On these territories appointments are available on website. From the main page of you can reach the booking system. The booking system is open and available for everybody.

1.4.2. Owners of properties on the shore, when intending to practise boilie fishing on their own property, have the right to do it providing they have a local ticket. However they are obliged to report about the activity. They are to notify about the exact location (number, street) with GPS coordinates as well as about the exact date and time of the fishing on the website which can be reached from the main page of Landlords and landladies who have registered to catch fish legally have the right to let their guests use their territories, although landlords and landladies are also liable for notifying about boilie fishing, and ensure that their guests possess tickets in every case. Violating the rules will conclude in initiating a legal process against the person who has offended the regulations and boilie fishing will not be permitted on the area as a consequence. Booking on the abovementioned properties – according to the intension of landlord or landlady – is primarily private. However they can be part of open booking system according to 1.4.1. Owners of properties on the shore who have registered to catch fish legally and have fulfilled the aforementioned responsibilities, hereby contribute for control authorities to approach the fishing location at a time agreed in advance via the landlord’s or landlady’s property.

1.4.3. It is possible to go boilie fishing on completely unrestricted public shores in off-season. In such areas it is important to take into consideration that you don’t book places in advance. According to ethics that has previously existed anyone is allowed to take a sit on a free part of the shore and start fishing. As long as someone takes a place, no one else is allowed to claim the area. The obligation of notification for boilie fishing about the location and duration must be granted as well in this case, only after taking the area. Obviously in these areas it is the duty of the angler to live up to the sanitation, and hygiene expectations. You are to gather information about the possibility of staying (living in a tent, sleeping under the sky) on the territory from the operator of public area, and its terms and conditions must be obeyed.

1.5.           Boilie fishing is allowed on completely unrestricted public shores (completely unrestricted beaches) from complete melting of ice to 31May and from 15 September until freezing, 0:00-24:00 hours.

1.6.           One person is entitled to occupy one territory altogether for the same period and at one time one person may only have three valid reservations.

1.7.           Booking of boilie fishing will become valid once the angler logs in online before the beginning fishing. You are to log in once every week.

1.8.           Without booking with valid general local ticket you can practise fishing with fishing methods prescribed in the general fishing regulations. In case of the arrival of someone with valid booking, you are obliged to offer your fishing spot.

1.9.           Putting up a tent, settling a caravan are allowed on the territory belonging to fishing spot within the duration of your valid booking, as long as the owner of the property agrees.

1.10.         The boilie angler is obliged to release in Lake Balaton any native fish caught within the period while being checked in. It is PROHIBITED to keep at the angling place the fish caught outside the period of being checked in!

1.11.         The angler with a valid check in and a boilie angling seasonal area ticket may not keep any native fish even if he/she is in possession of a „normal” area ticket.

1.12.         According to Hhvtv. (fish protection and –management act) exogenous fish mustn’t be released into Lake Balaton. If you don’t want to keep the exogenous fish (e.g. grass carp), you are to call the following number: +360303503333. We will transport the fish away.

2. Rules of boilie fishing:

2.1.           One angler is allowed to fish with 2 single fishing rods. Compulsory principle is to offer hair rigs and boilie and artifical bait.

2.2.           The angler who is younger than 18 years of age can practice the carry in/drop the rig method only under adult supervision.

2.3            From 1st of April to 30th of April the angler who has purchased an area ticket which entitles him for carry in/drop the rig angling and has checked in validly, gets an exemption from point no. 6 of the Fishing Regulation for Lake Balaton. In this period, he is allowed to stay ont he water in the following cases:

a)      playing or releasing the fish

b)      feeding the swim

c)      searching for an angling spot or carrying the rig to the swim

2.4.           Use of a bait boat is prohibited unless the angler has purchased an area ticket which entitles him for carry in/drop the rig angling and he has checked in validly.

2.5.           It is prohibited to use braided main line. Braided front line can be used in the length of not more than 20 m (66 feet). Lead core can be used in the length of not more than 1 m (3 feet).

2.6.           Fish finders can be used according to the Hhvtv. (fish protection and -management act).

2.7.           Exclusively electric motorboats can be used.

2.8.           You can catch wish exclusively within the reserved area, which you have booked in advance.

2.9.           Tackles can be deployed perpendicular to the shore. Any diversion is allowed within your reserved resort and without disturbing other anglers.

2.10.         Every angler is allowed to use two spar buoys, which must be illuminated from sunset to sunrise.

2.11.         It is not allowed for any other boilie angler to fish within a circle with a radius of 40 meters around the pole marker and within an 80 meters wide area between the bank and the pole marker.

2.12.         The deployment of rig can be done by either throwing it in from the shore, carrying it on foot into the water or can be delivered by baitboat and boat.

2.13.         The maximum distance to carry in the end tackle can be:

 West of the harbor of the Balatonfűzfő Angling Club (Balatonfűzfői Horgász Egyesület) to Keszthely: 350 meters measured from the coastline of the angling place.
All other coastlines: 450 meters measured from the coastline of the angling place.


2.14.         It is PROHIBITED to leave the cast in tackle unguarded and to let them supervised by another person!

The tackle is considered guarded and supervised in the following cases:

a)      The angler is staying within 50 meters of its tackle and at the signal of the bite alarm he can begin to play the fish;

b)      The angler is on the water to play the fish, or to release it, or feeding the swim, or to carry in the tackle (if he/she disposes of the authorizing ticket)

3.  Rules of humane treatment

3.1.           It is PROHIBITED to take or to keep any native fish! It is also strictly forbidden to store the fish during the night.

3.2.           According to the principle of humane treatment fish are to be released immediately after taking a photo and measuring it.

3.3.           According to the principle of humane treatment you must possess and use the following equipment:

     Good quality, water proof, enormous fold with thick lining (Wet fold must be used for temporary storing of carp)

     Dense, min. 90 x 90 cm (35 inch) scoop-net

3.4.           Fish caught MUSTN’T be marked and dismembered. If a fish dies as a consequence of angler’s negligence, operator of water resort can have a claim for damages in the value of the fish.

                 Fish caught from the lake can be marked exclusively by the expert of our company with the method according to the usual standards for future gathering of information about migration and growth of the fish.

3.5.           The photo of the fish caught from the lake can be published on the balatoni ponty-arcképcsarnok (portrait gallery of balaton carp) website. We kindly ask our anglers of Balaton to send us the photos taken off fish weighing more than 10 kg (22 lbs) to the follinwg e-mail address: We will upload them with pleasure.

All questions not regulated in boilie fishing ticket terms and condition shall be governed by the prevailing balatoni horgászrend (fishing rules of Balaton)furthermore for anglers fishing according to the aforementioned regulations should follow the principles included in the Ethic Code of Amateur Boilie Club.